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Tokens in 5DAX Chain and 5DAX Chain

What role does 5T play in securing 5DAX Chain?

NT is the token used to prevent nothing-at-stake problem.

What are tokens on 5DAX Chain?

NT is the native token for NC, and pegged tokens on FC is called FRC20.

How to issue FRC20 tokens?

Please follow the guide here

How can I stake my 5T?

Please follow the guide here

How many tokens are required to stake 5T?

The minimum delegated amount is 1NT.

Which wallets can be used to stake 5T?

You can use:

Where can I find out more about staking economics and rewards?

You can read details in White Paper:

Where do network rewards come from?

Validators and delegators will earn rewards from the following sources:

  • Calling smart contracts on FC is metered by gas.
  • Rewards for running a FC Relayer if validators have one

Which wallets can I use to store 5T?

You can see the list here