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How to use Math Wallet for 5DAX Chain


1. Get App from Chrome web store


2. Add to your browser, for example, Brave



Setup Your Wallet

1. Set your password


2. Choose FC network


Choose 5DAX Chain from this list:


3. Create Your Wallet



4. Save your private key


It’s ready, and now you can get some testnet 5T from the faucet.

Get Testnet Fund

1. Copy your address.


2. Go to

Go to explorer to verify 5T is sent:

Transfer 5T from FC to BC in Testnet

1. Create your 5DAX Chain Ganges Testnet address with eth-cli

  • Download the binary here

    If you already have a backup of your recovery phrase from 5DAX Chain Ganges Testnet, it can be reused here.

    eth-cli keys add {wallet-alias}

2. Go to this page:

Go to this page for mainnet:

Paste your testnet address to Recipient and fill the transfer amount. img

Please note the fees are also deducted for paying gas and cross-chain transfer.

3. Approve your transaction


4. Confirm Reception in explorer


Transfer FRC20 from FC to BC in Testnet

One of the key innovations of a dual-chain architecture is that token issuer can manage its assets on both chains. They could bind BEP2 tokens and FRC20 tokens together. In 5DAX Chain Ganges Testnet, there are several pegged tokens:

You can get some of these pegged tokens from faucet and transfer them back to 5DAX Chain testnet.

1. Approve this transactionimg

2. Send FRC20 To BCimg